How to See Through Clothing

First off my apologies for the very shoddy camera work and even shoddier narration.Secondly, this is merely my own personal findings after conducting several very unscientific tests using esotericseans method of turning an ordinary camcorder into one that only lets in infrared light, allowing the operator to see through various objects including clothing. The tests speak for themselves and yes, by using this method you can actually see what people are wearing under their clothing, provided that the clothing is relatively clingy, and is a thin fabric. Dark clothing works the best, but Ive also gotten great results with all colors, provided that the fabric is thin and clingy.The method: In case you havent seen EsotericSeans video tutorial, the method is simple. You take any ordinary video camera with night shot capability, and you take a piece of BLANK, DEVELOPED film and put it over the lens. The film filters out all light other than infrared and the night vision disengages the infrared blocker in th