HOW TO PLAY GOLF...On Astroturf: The University of Missouri ...

Posted by almostgolf on Oct. 15, 2008

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UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI SHOOTOUT: There is nothing like playing golf on astroturf and U of M has three amazing fields of green, yellow and black Astroturf. We came to Missouri as part of the 2008 College AlmostGolf Tour. This was the first stop of three colleges in one week. Missouri-Auburn-U of Miami. And each campus had it's own completely different flavor. Each campus course reflected the area in its own way and provided amazing opportunitities. Check out more at WEBSITE ALMOSTGOLF BLOG FACEBOOK MYSPACE BUY ALMOSTGOLF BALLS BEST OF ALMOSTGOLF VIDEOS: USC 2008: UNLV OPEN: CAL POLY: HOW TO CREATE YOUR OWN 0FF-COURSE-GOLF COURSE: ...

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