How to open an Iphone

Posted by xctu on Feb. 18, 2008

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This is the simplest how to open an Iphone video there is. Simple and effective all one needs is a paint scraper from your last home improvement project. An a willingness to completely void your warranty. Once you open your Iphone you can do such great things as fill it with skittles, or beads making it into the worlds most expensive percussion shaker. Although its a bad idea to open your Iphone. It is good to know that there is a how to open an iphone video in the rare case you need to.Learn how to void your warranty instantly in this video. The revolutionary device has changed the way we view phones forever and as always curiosity has led people to develop ways to tinker with it. In a few simple steps you can bask upon the inner workings of one of the most advanced personal devices humanity has ever developed. All thanks to this great clip.

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