HOW TO- Money making machine GDI Global Domains Internati best way to build your team is to have a small number in your 1st line so that you can better help them get what they want and by doing so we get what we want too. When you sign up you can put one of your downline (should really be someone new) into a rotator on the site. When people come to the site their referral links are in the join now button for GDI. By putting new members in the rotation this allows you to give instant gratification to them so they will most likely stick with the program. By telling people you will advertise their link when they sign up with you you're giving them something right off the bat and because you can't use your own referral people will be more trusting if you are wanting to help them first. When they succeed you succeed, simple as that! we will show you step by step .I have a feeling this is going to be huge. This is a system that forces you to help your downline to grow it deep and not wide. You can give your prospects instant gratification when