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Posted by summerside on Mar. 15, 2009 The tools that GDI has given us to use are amazing. Take for instance being able to move downline members. No other company that I've seen alows this to happen. With this in mind, you can make money quicker. Why don't we as Affiliates join hands and really make this business grow as well as our pocketbooks. Don't be so greedy and keep everyone that signs up on your first level. If you're just starting out keep five people in place and then go on down to each of your next levels and start helping your downline by using the move downline link in your downline area of the members section. You can only help out to your 4th level members but if everyone does this, it won't take long for you to fill your 5X5 matrix. Then if you want to make more money, do the same thing with 5 more people. Everyone you help helps you too. As people sign up you only have 7 days to move them, and you can only move them one time, but it is real easy to do. I am doing this with my downline as people sign up th

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