How to make free calls with friendcaller

Posted by FriendCaller on Jan. 08, 2010

Tell the world:, is a browser-based Internet based calling solution that offers an free, instant peer-to-peer connection. Since the application was launched, nearly 100,000 users have found out how easy it is to establish a connection from home, work, or while on the road using their browsers, iPhones or iPod devices. The best part does not require any software downloads (great for those of us on corporate networks), and you and your friends do not need to open an account with other 3rd party VoIP communication providers, or be on the same instant message or social network to communicate. And, the service is free when both parties are calling via the Internet? Friendcaller also offers low domestic and international calling rates when dialing via phone. Want to learn more about how Friendcaller is revolutionizing the world of VoIP communications? Visit

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