How to Make a Kardashian

Watch how I show you how to replace Bathroom or SH** with KARDASHIAN. You would be surprised at how easy this substitution is. SUB me for MORE Comedy Check out last weeks sketch How to Become Owen Wilson in *5 Easy Steps By : Walter Masterson and Ian Massey Shooter: Miguel Mungia Editor: Harry Glennon Keeping Up with the Kardashians is hard. But now it can be incredibly easy. Here are some helpful ways. Instead saying I took a huge sh** say 1. I took the biggest Kardashian 2. I dropped the Kardashians off at the pool 3. My Kardashian was so large it wouldnt flush the first time Also remember that nobody likes to hear about Kardashians while eating. If your friends are eating please dont talk about Kardashian. The other week a friend of mine texted me a picture of the Kardashians while I was enjoying a meal and I almost threw up.