How to Make A Double Paper(Origami) - Ninja Star(Shuriken)

Posted by Tommy-Clancy-517 on Sep. 28, 2011

How to Make A Double Paper(Origami) - Ninja Star(Shuriken) In this video, I explain how to make a throwable Japanese double sided - double layered Ninja Star (Shuriken) out of paper. I use four pieces of construction paper, but any paper will do. A word of Caution- Do not aim the star at anyone, and especially not at their eyes, because the corners of the star can be very sharp and hard, which could lead to injury. Especially with this shuriken, because it is heavier and harder than the normal shuriken! Check out my next video to find out how to make a King Cobra! --D If you like my videos, Please Subscribe, as I will have tonnes of oragami vids uploaded almost every day! Additional Tags- Naruto, headband, origami, kunai, ninja, Make Naruto Origami origami how to make paper weapons instructions, How to make fold an origami oragami Paper butterfly butter fly fun fast easy simple tutorial folding animals japanese yt-quality=high paper craft models kunai shuriken mediafire ninja star knife naruto bes

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