How To Lcd Monitor Repairing

Posted by RepairLcdMonitor on Jan. 29, 2010

? http-// ?? LCD Monitor Repair course from Monitor Repair Tips Infinity Monitor Model- 14ED (W745114477 Chassis) No power Checked and tested power supply section, all resistors and filter capacitor checked ok. Replaced IC802 and unit then powered up ok Likom Monitor Model- L503RDN (13MLB0004424 Chassis) Vertical problem, small picture, cannot adjust, sometimes rolling Checked vertical section and found resistor R527 (10ohms) located near ICU501 had gone high resistance, replacing resistor cleared the fault Kds Monitor Model- VS21E (Evoked 2100K Chassis) Dead I found following parts had failed- Q425, C4924 and R497 (10ohm, 1w), the horizontal output transistor was also short circuit, replaced with type BU2527 Dell Monitor Model- D-1728D-LS (FCC ID A3LCMG737) No display I checked many parts in the Video driver area and found all was ok but IC MM1207 was found to have failed Sony Monitor Model- GDM2036S Monitor dead, green led comes on then fades out, EHT sometimes starts up R

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