How to keep your curling & Hair Straightener iron safe for women

Posted by hottyhoody on Jun. 24, 2008

What: The Hotty Why: There are many ways to burn yourself by accident. There's the Oops-Grabbed-The-Iron burn, the The-Oven-Mitt-Isn't-Thick-Enough burn and the Yeeowch-This-Lightbulb-Hasn't-Cooled-Yet burn. But there's no red badge of courage like the Hot-Hair-Styling-Appliance Burn. It can burn your forehead, your hand if you grab it by the wrong end or, as many a gym rat can attest, it can put an unwanted stripe on the inside of your gym bag and/or your clothes. What's a girl to do? The Hotty Hoody. This rubber cylinder fits over the end of virtually any size curling iron, flat iron or heated hair appliance and can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees. Afraid your child will reach up and play with the flat iron? Gotta dash to work after using your curling iron at the gym? Need to throw it in a suitcase and travel across the country? Just throw it in a Hotty Hoody and rest assured that all appendages and/or surrounding clothes are safe. In order to serve your fashion needs, it comes in Shimmer

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