How to get steam games for free. Part 1

Posted by xload123 on May. 15, 2010

READ DESCRIPTION (THIS IS AN OLD VIDEO) THEY MAY HAVE CHANGED THE WAY YOU DO THIS. A tutorial on how to get steam games for free. No account name or password is needed. THERE IS NO LONGER HELP ON THIS VIDEO, READ THE OLD COMMENTS FOR HELP. G-steam download- http-// Server list site- http-// Part 2- http-// *Note- Run G-steam not g-steam legit. If that doesnt works for you go to computer then C- drive then program files then G-steam folder then you should see a file called Start G-steam, run that.* Help- Q- it says steam.exe (main exeption)-unable to write to the current steam application folder please move steam folder where you have write privileges A- For vista users you need to either disable UAC or run program as an administrator then install it. Q- Can I get call of duty 4 and other games like it? A- Yes, but not directly downloaded off steam, you need .gcf files downloaded from another site or torrent site to use thos

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