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Most families are the proud owner of at least one car. In this day and age it is the easiest mode of transportation. For them to operate properly all they require is a little care and maintenance. A continuous maintenance regimen is a must to ensure the longest life possible. This is not always the case when it comes to maintenance habits. Most people procrastinate when it comes to taking care of their cars and because of this end up buying a new one once it hits 5 or 6 years old due to poor maintenance. Usually the only viable option is trading it in to the local dealer (and getting the least amount possible) or selling it to the junk yard. Another reason is if the vehicle gets into an accident where the vehicle is totaled beyond repair or not damaged enough where the insurance company will fix it but it never runs the same again. So once again the owner is left with a choice try to sell it on your own which brings all sorts of creepys to your doorstep to test drive the vehicle. Most insurance companies won

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