How To Escape A Robbery Like Kanye (Based on a True Story) - LIA

Posted by brettelam on Sep. 07, 2012

Based on a True Story. During a first date at a swanky restaurant that costs way more than you could probably afford, Brett and Josh regale these two hot babes about the time they totally stopped these two big Michael Clarke Duncan sized robbers from stealing all their stuff. It gets pretty raw. Starring Brett Elam and Josh Logan Featuring- Jet Eveleth Erin Foy Ben Kass Jamison Webb Nnamdi Ngwe Gary Richardson Alex Trepka Alex Trepka Aaron Wittwer Created by Josh Logan and Brett Elam Director, DP, Editor- Derek Cox Produced/Location Sound by Dan Finnen Grip/Practical Effects- Aaron Wittwer Music by Another Robot Sunset and Copper & Congress Special Thanks to The Beat Kitchen Josh Logan made that knife contraption and it's as dangerous as it looks (if you're some kind of pussy) Brett's #rockhardabs donated by the Smithsonian Executive Producers Brett Elam Josh Logan Derek Cox Dan Finnen A Distract Chicago Production For more from Brett and Josh check out

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