How to Date Girls

Posted by Fiiine on Apr. 16, 2012

This is a guide for all men out there on how to date girls. It was an idea from a 27 year old woman who had been on too many bad dates and she decided that it was time to gather a bunch of women to tell how men should date women. As you can tell, not all women are the same, but they all say one thing in common- be yourself! Good luck figuring the rest out. Do you have a question you want to ask girls? Post it under comments below and it can make it on our next video! Make sure to subscribe to our channel- http-// Thanks to all the awesome ladies who made this video possible. Talent and credits go to- Jasmin Bristow, Courtney DiMiceli, PX Floro-Carrasco, Alexis Johnson, Shakuntala Ray Banerji, Christina Russo, Dan Thao, Grace E. Wiebenga-Sanford, Yulia Zimmermann

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