How I feel about girls with tattoos

Posted by Jamarcus-Newton-423 on Feb. 22, 2013

I dont like girls with a lot of tattoos because when we have sex its still seems that have their clothes on. I want to see them naked in all their glory. It bothers me when a girl has eyes and wings on her back side. I keep looking at it while we doing and it makes me feel like Im been judge and your ass is going to fly and leave after its over and start laughing at me. But There are at least three girls with tattoos that I know that I want to get to know better- 1.Shenice Wade, 2. Deirdre Hall, 3. Tynesha Anderson. I also have this theory that white girls with tattoos glow in the dark when they make love. Who wants to experiment with me. click the link below for more on the white girl experiment. https-// There is a second part to this video but I cant edit my videos because the audio wont with the video clip. I have no idea why that is. Something always goes wrong when I want to do a video. why cant it ever be ea

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