how human personAlities are formed

Posted by sUPEREDatbreak on Mar. 30, 2013

hey here is this weeks website writeup sUPEREDS 320 weekly internet video for march 30 2013 titled how human personAlities are formed sUPERED the internet video artist/street performer/film editor/pofessional weird-0 billed as the 10th most stRangest person on the internet does 3 of his characters to explain to the viewer how human personalities come to be.. enjoy smile IIIII11111IIIIIsUPERED 33013sUPERED i first released this video on de internet on apr.16 2011 week 229 titled as sUPEREDS talk show putin it out there again cause it s got some good information to make people aware of how there personalities were formed.. the characters i play are tony mac-a-ron-e .. shaw mc-fair-in and cab-bo-tas-o the terriost thats all for now be good keep it real stAy healthy have fun at no ones expense love each other and help those in NEED (not want) by love sUPERED

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