How Flexible is Your Mind?

Posted by KarinLindner on Mar. 15, 2011

I constantly hear phrases such as, I know that, We have always done it this way, I told them how to do it, or We dont have time to try something new that may not work. I guess this is our get it right the first time without making any mistakes mentality but I vouch for making as many mistakes as we can, to learn from them and to get better and better as we move along. Take a look at why I think it is so important to have a flexible mind! Karin Lindner is the founder and owner of KARICO Performance Solutions located in Richmond Hill, Ontario. As an employee engagement and motivation specialist focusing on the manufacturing sector, her mission is to develop employee excellence in every level of the organization, one company at a time. Karin is currently in the process of creating a special Youth Award to encourage high school students (grades 9 -- 12) to come up with new ways and innovative ideas to make manufacturing sexy. This can also be viewed as a great way to promote this industry to our you

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