Hot Stinky Face!? (7.29.09 - Day 90)

Posted by deffect on Aug. 01, 2009

make sure to follow us on twitter and my facebook so you can see extra footage and photos! charles trippy po box 48292 tampa, fl 33646 Charles Twitter- http-// Allis Twitter- http-// My Facebook- http-// My Main/Skit Channel- http-// Allis Youtube Channel- http-// Do you want to create an outro for the vloggity vlogs?! Here is a link to download the theme song for animation! http-// You can @reply me or alli a link to what you make on my twitter or email me at - make sure to include your youtube username (so you get credit) SO WHATS THE DEAL WITH THESE VIDEOS? well, a friend of mine (shaycarl) started doing a video diary for a year. I thought it would be interesting to try and begin one as well but not just stop at a year (lets go for two, or three!). I think its really interesting to be able to look back years (when im old and bor

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