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Posted by hotmassagegirls on Sep. 19, 2009

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Im not sure if shes state certified but this is one hot massage therapist video. I had to go to her because I threw out my back while I was using a power loader. Good ol workmans comp hooked me up with this raven haired temptress with hands, and a heart, of gold. I couldnt figure out if it was her white trash chic style, or loose morals of an old fashioned saloon gal. But I like her. Im also a fan of her specific style of nude shiatsu in which you are not only rubbed, but also get to rub back. Im not saying I would purposefully fall on the job again. But if I happen to fall Ill be lucky to get the hot massage therapist in this video again.A hot massage video for the ages. This lithe brunette sexes up the screen with her delicate fairy-esque physique and slutty girl next trailer look. It's no wonder the guy can't help but undress hey with more than his eyes as the massage changes into a couples sport in this steamy clip.

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