Hot Blond Tanning

Posted by mediablinker on Dec. 11, 2007

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This sexy blonde is making a educational tanning video. She strips down and oils up to achieve that perfect sun kissed look. She sits in the tanning bed and O MY GOD. What happened? This porcelain angel just became wrecked. Apparently the tanning bed is closer to a sledgehammer. There is no way the once hot babe survived that. That’s a real eye opening and horrifying anti-tanning video.This tanning was video taped by the local sheriff's department as part of a sting operation. There have been a rash of illegal tanning operations opened up here. Bronzed beauties have been getting hurt due to the rushed set ups of the illegal establishments. Although sun bathing may take longer it's certainly safer than the fate that awaited this woman. Hopefully she will be the last beauty hurt in such a tragic tanning accident.

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