Hot Blond Massage!

Posted by schouwrodney on Jun. 30, 2009

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Some massage videos are better than others. Theres nothing they can do its just the way the good lord made them. Sexy and risque, this massage video takes the cake. This massage might not be hot stone but its definitely deep tissue if you know what I mean. This hot blond has needs. She needs a rubdown, and gets a lot more in this fiery massage video.The content of this how-to massage video is supposed to be visually engaging and informative. However, like most massage videos, it kind of just seems like a really hot way to look at somebody rubbing their hands all over a greased-up babe. Not there's anything wrong with a good, long, hot massage. It's just hard to take them seriously when the only thing covering your booty is a thin scrap of red towel. Better watch the video a few more times before completely passing judgement, though.

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