Hot Actress Video - Manisha Bollywood Actress Hot Scene

Hot actress Manisha from Bollywood does a very awesome scene, but its too bad the hotness gets cut short. This scene is familiar in any culture: a guy and a girl are into some hot tonsil hockey action and everything is going sweet. That is, its going great until the hubby comes home and sees another man kissing up on his girl. Nothing kills the mood more than the guy getting cuckolded strolling up into the room. The word cuckold isnt used nearly enough these days; its actually kind of cool. But, lets get back to the hot, specifically this hot actress named Manisha. Ive never seen anything else with her in it, but I think I might need to pick up some more Bollywood vids to see if she is able to explain why she has the plumber on the floor with his shirt off. Hows she gonna get out of this one?