Horse Sex

Posted by sponge20 on Nov. 11, 2007

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Horse Sex? Not Technically. Hot? Most definitely. This sexy blonde is having horse sex getting the ride of her life from that equine machine. While she doesnt have to deal with the mess, or inherent danger of a real horse. She does need a steady supply of quarters to keep the sex going with her mechanical stallion. But a long line of store patrons would happily give her a quarter to enjoy the horse sex show. We should shop where shes shopping.Horse sex has never seemed hot before this video. Luckily the horse is fake but the passion is not. A blond beauty icon rides and thrusts a mechanical beasts as she enjoys the 25 cent ride a little too much. The moaning siren gets her money's worth and then some from the steed, only to relinquish the equine beast to another waiting lass.

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