Horse Mating

Posted by CA300SE on Jun. 28, 2007

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If you are not insecure about your manhood then you will be after watching this horse mating video. Horses are magnificent creatures in everyway including the way these great beasts have sex. The poor farm hands in this video have to arouse this horse until what appears to be the arm of an average teenager pops out. Next these guys have to quickly make their way under the horse and try to catch the fruit of their labor in a long, leather tube. Talk about a sticky situation! I wouldn’t want to be in the horse mating business.This is a video of a girl extracting semen from a horse. If you have never seen this in action, you must watch this video asap. They make the horse believe it's humping another horse and pull its member out and make it ejaculate into a device that looks like a horse condom. Even if your not into animal porn, check out this horse sex video.

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