Horse Ditches Jockey, Wins Race At Belmont

Posted by BrainlessHell on Jun. 27, 2013

First off, let's make something abundantly clear- Downtown Hottie did not ditch her jockey; he was struggling to hold on from the get-go. Never had a chance. Quite frankly, one of the saddest displays of jockey skills (or lack thereof) we've ever seen. Poor guy will be lucky to find a job harness racing in rural Maine after this performance. Poor jockeying aside, Downtown Hottie's unofficial victory (a riderless horse is automatically DQ'd) is a testament to the power of freedom. The second this beast was emancipated from the constant whipping and drudgery of the little man forced to sit upon its back, it ran like lightning, galloping toward victory with the wind blowing through its mane. The message could not be clearer- Downtown Hottie is a strong, independent Filly, and she ain't got time for jockeys, humans or any other such bullshit.

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