Horizon hearth

Posted by Optics233 on Aug. 10, 2008

In a world where you cannot trust your government, in a world where extra terrestrials may not be all that they appear to be, who can you really trust? Short film I did for film school. Pretty much my take on the general alien abduction genre, which is why it embodies a lot of the cliches, though I did add a bit of a twist to the story. I was extremely limited time-wise, as we were given very little time to write, shoot, and edit, and I had virtually no crew! What youre seeing is more or less a rough cut, a lot of scenes had to be removed and I didnt get to finish post production completly, but Im pretty happy with the way it came out regardless. Hope you enjoy!

Categories Pop Culture

Tags up, movie, ufo, evil, student, extra, short, alien, fiction, suspense, control, mind, government, mystery, conspiracy, probe, agent, drama, abduct, abduction, terrestrial, abductee

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