Homeless man w_golden radio voice in Columbus, OH (Update-FI

Posted by HenryRamirez2 on Jan. 05, 2011

Throwing this video from the Columbus Dispatch out there, hoping we can find this talent a place to call home. UPDATE-1: Many thanks go out to all of you who have been tossing phone numbers and e-mails my way for Teds sake. I went up to Hudson/I-71 (Columbus) today, but Ted wasnt there. He is going to be on air tomorrow morning on radio station WNCI. Ive left my contact info w/WNCI to call/e-mail me on a way to get your enormous opportunities over to him. Im going to give him a Trac phone (w/ample minutes) so that he can return calls to all of you. Hopefully, in some way Ill get in contact w/him. Peace.

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