Hollywood Cliches- Cops are Useless in Horror Films

Posted by Nicole-Ritter-83 on Oct. 30, 2012

Hollywood Cliche- An expression, idea or element of an artistic work that has been overused. http-//facebook.com/hollywoodleek http-//twitter.com/hollywoodleek http-//hollywoodleek.com Directed by- Jenna Socha Written by- Lewis Bros. Starring- Natalie Ceballos, Tony Daussat, Jake Lewis, and Sam Lewis Director of Photography- Nick Scarpa Editor- Jenna Socha Sound- Nick Vorderman Composed by- Jenna Socha Set Dresser- Jenna Socha Make Up- Katie Kirnan Catering- Mr. and Mrs. Daussat Producers- Tyler Neale and Tony Daussat Executive Producers- Nick Scarpa, Jake Lewis, Sam Lewis

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