Hobbies and Hustles with DJ GQ

Posted by BlackTreeTV on Dec. 06, 2009

In this second episode of the new hit series Hobbies & Hustles, we introduce the world to the world of Sports Bikes, and DJing. See how DJ GQ turns his full time hobby into a full time hustle. Stay tuned.Host, Derion Bell chops it up with sportbike promoter and turntable master,DJ GQ of Burn Films. He talks about the success of spinning in places such as Brazil, Argentina and Dubai, and explains how he turned his passion for sportbikes into a money-making hustle! This is an action packed episode of Hobbies & Hustles that you will not forget.A BlackTree Media ProductionExecutive Produced by TAB TVProduced by Earl CroweHosted by Dee Bellhttp://www.blacktree.tv Distributed by Tubemogul.

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Tags bikes, stunts, hustle, dj, hobby, xgames, rosarito

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