HM-Innovations- Altoids Box Laser Sound Transmitter!

Posted by HMInnovations on Jan. 14, 2010

Welcome to HMInnovations -(Home Made Innovations)- where we will teach you simple tricks, hacks, and mods on everything, from simple home projects, debunking online myths, technology mods and many more! In this video we will show how to build a Laser Sound Transmitter in an Altoids Box!! Its a fun and simple project to do at home and it actually works pretty good. You will be able to use this transmitter to send sound using the laser pointer onto any radio receiver that has a solar cell receiver that we will teach you how to make in this video also! Yes we know youll look like a nerd if people walk into your house and you have lasers running all over the place, but were fine with that. We do it and we love it! We want to apologize ahead of time for our camera quality, we had a minor problem with our other camera so we had to switch it up a bit. That is also the reason we had to wait so long to upload our video. Hopefully once our camera get back to us we will be uploading videos at least once a week!

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