HISTORYs The Universe: Season 4- Space Wars 10/6 (promo)

Posted by TheHistoryChanne on Oct. 06, 2009

Airs Tuesdays at 9pm/8c on HISTORY. Outer space is already an essential part of Americas ability to fight wars. Our military depends on satellites for many things, such as communications, reconnaissance and targeting information. But so far, no country has put weapons into space, although the U.S. and China have both shown they can shoot down satellites with ground-based missiles. If weapons do become a part of space, how will they work, how effective will they be, and what type of damage could they do? From ground-based lasers to telephone-pole sized rods hurtling from space at two miles per second to the far out weapons of the distant future, its time to lock and load for Space Wars. Visit the official fan page at http://facebook.com/TheUniverse, follow HISTORY on Twitter at http://twitter.com/History_Daily and visit the official website at http://history.com/theuniverse.

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