High on top of Copperas Mountain #2

Posted by rbaustooo on May. 03, 2013

This is another video from my climb to the top of Copperas Mountain in Bainbridge Ohio, 5/1/2013. I dont know why people come up here and drink?! Some have fell after getting to close and the slate gave way. The Mountain is made of slate plates which when wet between them slide against eachother, and I wouldnt want to be drinking and standing on a spot when it does give way! The little chips of slate that slide down the slopes are as sharp as razor baldes, so if you did live from the fall, you would be pretty sliced up. I have been climbing up up there ever since I was about 12 years old, and the only thing I ever got was some cuts on my legs while climbing up alittle and then sliding back down on the shavings of slate. Im 54 now and I can say thats all I ever got there. You just have to be careful!!!

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