High-Level EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) Attenuation System Can Sa

Posted by macb6497 on Apr. 18, 2010

Earlier in 2009 there was a video that talked about the effects of a high-level electromagnetic pulse on the U.S. population. I have a new invention that I would like to inform the population about. My invention is in the category of a high-level EMP - Electromagnetic Pulse attenuation system that was built to stop the effects of a high-level EMP from reaching electronic equipment. It is in no way related to a Faraday Cage except the fact that it is meant to stop an EMP. The electronics stored inside a Faraday Cage cannot be used unless a generator is running inside the cage. My system allows wires to run into the cage so that the components inside will run continuously during an EMP. To date, no wires can run into a Faraday Cage due to their conductivity. Even wire shielding cannot protect the components because the high voltages induced will spark through the thin shielding. Layering plastic will only make transmission lines heavier. With my system, enterprise stations can continue running without having to

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