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WrLens In this video you can see the Solotica HIDROCHARME MEL color contact lenses on dark brown eyes. The HIDROCHARME MEL color blends with the natural eye color. MEL in Portuguesemeans Honey, but actually this color looks green emerald on dark eyes, and lime greenor yellow on light eyes. The effect is pure amazing natural color that blends with the natural eye color.In this video you can see the eye with the HIDROCHARME lens from a very close rangeand notice the natural color. You can also see the difference between an eye with the HIDROCHARME MEL contact lens and an eye without any lens. The HIDROCHARME contact lenses enlarge the Iris. This is the best contact lenses model for very dark eyes. The video was filmed on a real persons eyes (lisa) in daylight outdoor. In the video you can see that Lisa has a natural eye color of Very Dark Brown. You can see the amazing change of color in a natural way. Wnat to know what is the best color for you ? ask Lisa at:http://www.wrlens.com/Blog.asp