Hide and Seek

Posted by RuinTheInternet on Nov. 30, 2011

Ben, Chris, and Felker make a new friend at the park. A truly unique individual who will change the way they see the world! Thanks to Adam Johns for playing the Man-Child and Will Sampson for walking around in public with floaties! Thanks to our main buds Aaron Hall and Anthony Dixon for shooting this one for us! Anthony made a neat short film himself, which you can watch here- http-//www.vimeo.com/21305474?ab Thanks to the absolutely stunningly talented Mike Barnett for composing and performing the lovely musical score and original song, Hide from You Please check out some of his other work at- www.mikeandrewbarnett.com As always, please follow us on Twitter and tweet at us- @benmekler @chrisamick @felkdawg Join our facebook page- http-//www.facebook.com/pages/Ruin-The-Internet-Comedy/182428201799175 And please leave comments! We love hearing from you! All other music provided by incompetech.com who put the creative in creative commons royalty free music! SFX from the free sound project.

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