Her Space Holiday with 4 Bonjours Parties - Same Song Sing Alon

Posted by MushRecords on Sep. 11, 2010

A short film for Same Song Sing Along by Her Space Holiday with 4 Bonjours Parties (guest appearances by Miwa, Heisuke, Mami & Hiro) filmed on the streets of Asakadai, Japan. Directed by Marc Bianchi. Written by Marc Bianchi, Baby Shark Music (BMI). Her Space Holiday --- XOXO, Panda And The New Kid Revival --- Her Space Holiday - Sleepy Tigers [EP] --- Mush Records (North America) mushrecords.com / Wichita Recordings (Europe) wichita-recordings.com / & Records (Japan) andrecords.jp / Pop Frenzy Records (Australia) popfrenzy.com.au

Categories Pop Culture

Tags band, indie, electronica, indie rock, 4 bonjours parties, marc bianchi

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