Help Promote The Crow and Moore Show!

Posted by Vincent-Crow-197 on Jan. 15, 2012

For those channels who would like to be a part of the show, we will have several ways for you to be involved! The first opportunity is for you to be an announcer for the show! So we need from YOU some audio recordings (Mp3 files only) of your saying the following- 1. This is ___________ with the __________ channel on You Tube! Welcome to the Crow and Moore show! 2.Now, back to the show with your hosts...Vincent Crow and Lisa Moore 3. You have been listening to The CROW AND MOORE SHOW live here on BLOGTALK RADIO....sponsored by the _______________ channel on You Tube! Please send all files to- Lisa Moore Please send them by January 19, 2012 ! Thank you for your support, and we hope you enjoy the show!

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