Help Adam Walk Foundation

Posted by adam123da on Jun. 29, 2009

Help Adam Walk Foundation Hi my name is Adam, I founded the Help Adam Walk Foundation.I was born with cerebral palsy. My goal in life is to walk some day and my mission in life through my foundation is to inspire others through my accomplishments to also walk someday. The reason for my letter is to see if you have any programs, funding raising events, or know of any one who has programs that can assist my cause of raising funds for a stem cell procedure I need. In addition, I am looking for volunteers to assist me in my commitment to walking someday.I look forward to discussing my goal and at the same time helping your cause. You can reach me at 1(866)9653092 Best Regards, Adam DahanPhone: (1866) P.S. It is very difficult for me to read, calling me by phone is much easier

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