Heavenly Team Rider - Sho

Posted by SnowTV on Aug. 15, 2008

Meet Sho Kashima. Loves the bumps. He is a High Roller for Heavenly Resort in California. BIO Name: Sho Kashima Age: 20 Hometown: South Lake Tahoe Years Skiing: 16 Pow or Park: Park Favorite Run at Heavenly: the Face Favorite Trick: Cork 1080 Favorite Skier: Sponsors: Heavenly, ID One skis, Look, Lange, Swans, Giro Helmets, Exel Poles, Phi-nomenal Movies: Chuck & Larry Music: Young Jeezy, The Game, Lil' Flip, UGK Quote: "Men? Women? I don't care...if the bear is hungry, he will eat." Top Contest Results * National Champion - 2007 Nationals * National Champion - 2006 Nationals * 4th Place - La Plagne World http://upload.break.com/Content/upload/uploadmultiple.aspx#Cup

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