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Posted by OMICSGroup on Jun. 26, 2013

This video is about Health informatics or medical informatics which is the intersection of computer science, information technology, health care and their applications in medical information and communication systems. The Journal of Health & Medical Informatics explicates the scientific field dealing with the cognitive information processing and decision making for the analysis of medical knowledge.It is an international, peer-reviewed journal elaborating the application of computers and information technology to health care as well as to medical education and research, a beneficial aspect for the health care professionals to develop and apply medical informatics to patient care, research and healthcare administration in solving the annoying problems. It is under Open Access category by OMICS Publishing Group which is freely accessible globally through internet renders the original manuscripts addressing the topics containing the reliable information on all phases of health and medical informatics supporting the aspects of problem solving and decision making. To access more information about Journal of Health and Medical Informatics please follow OMICS Publishing Groups official page :

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