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Posted by TorontoSeen on Apr. 03, 2010

We provide high quality HD web video commercials to small and medium sized businesses. Our placement strategies allow for high google search placement in local searches and targeted searches. Were not going to lie to you and tell you that we can give you first page results for plumbing or jewelry, but its not far-fetched to expect excellent results for toronto plumber or Toronto goldsmith.All of our videos are uploaded to multiple video sites, and blogs. This allows you to achieve multiple first-page search results, and allows for greater exposure and greater numbers of conversions from viewers to customers.Traditional print advertising is now history, and for the price of a newspaper ad, you have placement on YouTube, FaceBook, and in Google searches. Your customers are looking for you out there, let us show them how great your business is.Our productions can be as low-priced as $500 for a basic animated ad, and its extremely reasonable for us to come out and shoot your business in person, f

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