HD - Being Quixote - Motel Guest Smokes Meth On A Camping Stove

Posted by NewMediaSausage on Oct. 13, 2011

Being Quixote - Episode 2 - Motel Guest Smokes Meth On A Camping Stove Being Quixote Episode 3 - Guy Gets Arrested For DUI (coming soon) Follow Me on Twitter @TravelBeastFilm I am available for contract videography, In spite fo what my videos suggest. Im not that exciting. This took a lot of hard work. IThere were two videographers on this project Matt Alan - Me Eric Hunter - I will indicated when it is Eric shooting Vs. Me. We have two very distinct styles. He did a lot of timelapse stuff. This was shot on a handheld 720p Sportcam, and as with all DV cameras it does not function well in low light.

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