Hayden Panettiere Naked Shower Scene Beth Cooper

Posted by HaydensexTape on Jul. 09, 2009

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In a futile attempt to get Hayden Panettiere Naked in one of her first films, writers for I Love You, Beth Cooper cooked up this little gem of a situation in which the main guy character ends up getting flashed by Hayden and her naughty bits in a locker room scene. Nothing better than a shot of Hayden Panettiere naked, I can tell you that. Check out Hayden Panettiere naked in this great clip. Well, maybe not completely naked...but, still, the nude locker room scene is basically one of the oldest tropes in American teenage comedies, originating from the infamous peeping scene from Porkys, a film set in the stolid and sexually handcuffed (not in a kinky way, though, just a repressive way) 1950s. The girls locker room is a place of endless fascination, prurient interest, and total terror. I think the solitary male actor in this clip actually does a pretty good job of approximating what most 15 year old guys reactions to seeing Hayden Panettiere Naked. Well, that, and your pants might explode. They forgot that

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