Haunted House of Horrors Guelph

Posted by Horrorsunlimited on Nov. 04, 2011

ALL NEW FOR 2011 The Haunted House Of Horrors in Guelph, Ontario is the must visit attraction during the Halloween season. The largest and most elaborate haunted attraction in the region, the Haunted House Of Horrors for 2011 presents the True Fear Haunted Funeral Home. Come and experience what true fear really feels like as you walk through our new attraction that is almost twice the size of our previous haunt. You begin your journey wandering through an old haunted Victorian funeral home, featuring a parlor, viewing room, kitchen, dark hallway and bathroom. You eventually make a wrong turn into the belly of the funeral home, the basement, where you will navigate your way through a morgue, body preparation area, freezer, jail cell and other horrific scenes. After numerous near death experiences you finally descend into the darkness and meet the funeral homes primary resident, just pray that his chains dont break! find out more @ www.hauntedhouse.ca

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