Harry Potter - Breathe me

Posted by MassYoutubeUploader on Feb. 23, 2010

This is actually a sort of trailer/fan vid for a role-play site I'm part of (so yes I am going to 'big it up' in this little spiel), basically it looks through the Marauders time at school, James and Lily's relationship through to their marriage and then finally to their deaths. I've tried to use the actors chosen by the users of the site for the characters, and have included small snippets of relationships forged with the Marauders and other canons eg Sirius Black/ Dorcas Meadows and Remus Lupin/Laurienta Flentowock (although forgive me Brooke and Elle I've had to use different actresses) Characters: Teenage James: James Franco/ Robbie Jarvis Adult James: Adrian Rawlins/Sean Penn Teenage Lily: Alison Sudol Adult Lily: Geraldine Somerville Teenage Sirius: Ben Barnes Adult Sirius: Gary Oldman Teenage Remus: Jesse Spencer Adult Remus: David Thewlis Teenage Peter: Joel Edgerton Adult Peter: Timothy Spall Teenage Snape: Adrien Brody/Alec Hopkins Teenage Dorcas: Jessica Biel Teenage Lore: Jennifer Morrison Teenag

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