Happiness - A short film by Terence J. Grant

Posted by tatemode on Aug. 18, 2009

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Whether its about life or love, for Kenny, everyones got a theory about happiness-- whether he likes it or not! Can we just play poker already?Directed by Terence J. Grant, produced by Tate Mode Entertainment.Cast: Levette Davila, Tamas Pataky, Miracle Sims, Mike Hahn, Crystal Cook, Pebbles Gonce.Crew: Terence J. Grant, Travis J. LaKam, Ryan Roberts, Brandon KovatchSpecial Thanks: John C. Moulds, Dan Antkowiak, Pierre S. DrummondMusic: Silence by Plume, used under the Art Libre 1.3 License.Tate Mode Entertainment

Categories Pop Culture

Tags comedy, entertainment, film, indie, mode, party, poker, short, tate, tjgrant

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