Hannah F reads The Sandman's Visit

"The Sandman's Visit" by David Hart Asleep now and now the Sandman with his night dreams Arrives His sheer smoky subtle sleep is near Now tip-toeing in the realm of Morpheus Vibrating vivacious visions anon appear Incredulous colorless dream A dream of paradoxically and passionately Pursuing And then, being persistently prudently Pursued in a mesmerizing melodious Mood. Some faint feisty foggy fantastic vision of feeling luxuriously lost-- Chicanery, perhaps. Dusty dense delirious delighting And, misty musky marauding meandering Mellifluous murky sight yields to Tall tempestuous towering High happy honey combed apartment Buildings There. Quizzical quintessential Quirky quagmires of chuckleheaded cheeky choices--- There are friends of the past who never really wanted to last-- From boisterous building to Behemoth building-- Lackadaisically looking, serenely searching, Playfully pursuing And, Sharp scintillating schmoozing Until light languished lurid lids Lift---- To a new day. 2008DHartUSA