Handyman Finds Honey Filled Ceiling in Brisbane, Austrlia

Posted by promvid on Jul. 16, 2012

Honey fills bee-infested ceiling, A Australian couple investigating brown liquid seeping through the ceiling of a Brisbane house were shocked when it turned out to be honey from a massive bee colony. The bees had vacated, and left the hive, so with no bees to eat the honey, it just dripped and soaked through the Gyprock ceiling, she said. It was massive ... there was honey everywhere. Mr Eyles then removed the hives from the ceiling cavity, but the bees returned in February 2012. Six months later, the tenant reported seeing thousands of bees flying around in the yard near the same room. My husband was sent to investigate again, and he said the noise was horrific - really loud buzzing. The room was by then being occupied by a young girl. Mr Eyles said he smoked the bees out of the ceiling and repaired the holes. Bee expert Dr Katja Hogendoorn, from the University of Adelaide, said that based on the photographs it was likely there were more than 40,000 bees living in the house. Property maintenance work

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