Halloween, Zombie, Horror : Best Short Films # 6

Bobby died last episode. And that means only one thing: SPOILER ALERT! It's zombie film time, folks. Short Films Include: Keg of the Dead by Paul Schilens and Jim Dirschberger: www.eightyfourfilms.com The Deadening by Sarah Hamblin and Clement Darling: http://www.frabjabulous.com/ Bitten by Duncan Laing: http://www.duncanlaing.co.uk/ The 48th Hour by Ryan Matthews: http://www.viennaapple.com/ View these films in their entirety at our blog post: http://indymogul.com/3ro Don't forget to leave me a voicemail: 646-274-4625 and join our Facebook page here: http://www.indymogul.com/3rc