Hairy Boobs on Fire

Posted by hector1983 on Oct. 24, 2009

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This video features a gentleman blowtorching his hairy boobs until they’re as smooth and bald as a fresh butt. I can’t be certain but something tells me there may have been some vodka involved in this stunt. One would have to be pretty drunk to think to them self, “Hey, I’ve got these hairy boobs and a blowtorch. Why not take this five thousand degree flame and burn all of the hair off of my man tits in front of my friends”? I wonder how this silly goose could ever get a job with this video being on the web. Hopefully he’s his own boss!In this video a man is standing with his shirt off with a mini blowtorch singeing his chest hairs and his hairy man boobs. This is not to be taken lightly. When a pyromaniac starts lighting himself on fire, that's a bad sign and it means that you or your house are next. When you see a guy doing this, call the authorities as soon as possible or you can be a victim.

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